First Day of Spring 2012

It’s the first day of Spring!!!! Meaning the season will bring warm sunshine, blossoming buds, and of course, the latest trends in fashion. 

Here are some looks to inspire you collected from our latest pins from our users:

We see lots of pastels, high-waisted anything, and 60s inspired prints.  Are you looking forward to this season?

New Feature: Facebook Invitation

As we are finally a month into our site (woohoo!), we enabled the Facebook invitation feature to StylePin.  Not only can you invite your friends personally through e-mail, you can now invite your Facebook friends as well!

Simply login and head to your profile/main page.  You will see the button “Invite Friends” below your profile photo and the rest should be easy!

We would love to hear from you! What other features would you like to see on StylePin?

New Feature: Print Your Style Boards to .PDF, .DOC or .ZIP

StylePin promises to ignite your fashion and style inspirations and what better way than to actually allow our users to print, save, and share their boards via .PDF, .DOC or .ZIP.

For more information on how to print your boards, go to our HELP section here.

We’re the ONLY site that has a printing generator.  How cool is this?  Let us know what you think of this new feature!

What Can I Use My Printed Boards For?

Printing boards is a resourceful way of sharing and bringing your style inspirations wherever you go. Here are a few examples on what you can use the printing function for:

  • Shopping – If you are shopping for a vacation trip or what to wear on the next date, print out your moodboard as a guide to what to look out for.
  • Wedding Planning – Coordinate your bridesmaids and groomsmen’s looks and accessories.
  • Creative Direction – If you are in the fashion industry, collect and print moodboards for your upcoming projects (photo shoots, lookbooks, catalogs, campaigns, etc.)
  • Ultimate Wish List - Who doesn’t have things that you lust and have the Rachel Zoe moments of “I die”?  Send a pdf of the things you want for your birthday, holidays, or any other special occasions to family and friends.